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Admin applications format and rules

on Thu Jul 13, 2017 11:46 am

* Age must be 14 Or Older.
* Scores Must Be at least 5000 Or Higher .
*Has been Playing In the Server For at least 1 Month Or Longer.
* Fluent In English (Types English Well, along with understanding it)
* Never Has been Banned In the Server
* Active In-Game and also Helpful To Players, which involves being Friendly.
* Minimum Playing hours each day More than 3 hours.
* One month have passed since the previous application got declined.
[applicable to those whom have applied before]


-Your In-Game name:-

-Your In-Game Scores:-

-Your Age:-

-Your Current Living Place:-

-When did you exactly join the community?:-

-Why Would You Like To Become An Admin?:-
(( This Requires More Than 50 words.))

-Why Should We Choose You As A Staff Member In Our Community?:-
(( This Requires More Than 50 words.))

-Was an Administrator In Any Other Server Before? (Only With Yes/No):-

-Picture Of Your In-Game Stats:-

-How long you can stay in server EACH DAY (In hours):-

-Do You Agree That If You Do Not Stay Active, You Will Be Removed Without Notice?:-
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